Planning Phase



The Horning Family Fund (HFF) launched a feasibility study for The Commons at Stanton Square. Our team conducted interviews with community members and completed asset mapping of the Hillsdale, Ft. Stanton, and Anacostia neighborhoods. 


Community meetings were held with residents of Ft. Stanton and Hillsdale to get feedback on Stanton Square Project plans.


HFF and Horning Brothers (HB) chose Community of Hope as a project partner to further develop the concept and vision for The Commons.


HFF, HB and Community of Hope started a process to identify an early childhood education provider for The Commons. 


Martha’s Table selected as the fourth lead partner at The Commons.

May 2015 – Present

The Commons Impact Council, representing the four lead partners, meets quarterly to guide the programmatic work at The Commons.

August 2015 – Present

Representatives of the four partners attend community meetings to inform residents about the project, to get feedback about design plans, and to learn more about other non-profits and faith-based organizations in the surrounding area.

November 2015

Partnership created with the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation to identify contracting and employment opportunities for Ward 8 businesses and residents.

April 2016

Zoning Commission approved Stanton Square Development plans.

August 2016

Hosted a community picnic to kick-off the start of site work


Development Phase


August 2016

Start site work for Stanton Square development: Clearing of trees, removal of dirt, leveling of ground to prepare for construction and building of retaining wall

February 2017

Start of construction on The Commons building: Pouring of concrete footings to support foundation of building, placement of underground utilities, concrete slabs and lower foundation walls

Mid-June 2017

Structural Framing Complete: Placement of steel frames that are connected to each other and the foundation to stabilize the building structure

Early October 2017

Projected completion of the exterior building: Roofing, siding, walls, and windows completed, weather proofing of building before completing the interior.

April 2018

Acquire occupancy Permit

Summer 2018

Grand Opening of The Commons