Our Mission

The mission of The Commons is to support the healthy development of children and their families

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Guiding Principles

We believe that:

  • Education, along with a healthy start in life, is essential for improving opportunities for children and families.

  • Investing early in children’s lives – when they are infants and toddlers – is the best strategy for getting long-term results.

  • Children thrive when families thrive. Families thrive when they have safe, quality, affordable housing, access to quality health care and educational opportunities, family sustaining income, and parental supports.

  • Valuable assets (residents, services, schools, etc.) are present in the neighborhood and can be organized to enhance the lives of infants, toddlers, children and their families.


  1. Babies are born healthy to healthy moms.

  2. Children ages 0 - 3rd grade meet academic, health, and social emotional development milestones.

  3. Families meet their emotional well-being goals.

  4. Families have stable housing and food security.